About TelevisionPost

TelevisionPost.com would focus on the evolving business landscape of the Indian Media & Entertainment space.

Digitisation ushers the advent of this new dawn. Sowing the seeds of change are also a whole host of other forces: ad regulation, overhauling the lone existing TV rating system, and moving towards the globally accepted cost-per-thousand (CPT) airtime rates.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is drawing the regulatory map for the new era to address a rainbow of diverse business interests. While opening the door for higher foreign investments across the various value chains of the sector, TRAI is hotly pursuing regulation in areas is like cross-media ownership and cable monopolies.

Beginning its journey on 7 October 2013, TelevisionPost.com promises to provide news, opinions, exclusive interviews and analysis in great depth with utmost clarity.

Our unique offerings include:

Research: Our research reports will reflect business intelligence and ground reality.

Packaging: For the first time, readers will be able to compare channel packages offered by DTH and cable companies.

Technology: The emergence of digital technology has inspired us to have a dedicated section that will give our readers a heads-up of latest developments in the world of technology.

The other distinct features are ‘Satellite Tracker’, detailed ‘Company Information’ from a historical perspective, and ‘Stock Market’ news.

I am excited to chronicle the industry’s growth in these fertile times.