​When Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave Sourav Ganguly the perfect farewell…

MUMBAI: India’s lion-heart and former captain Sourav Ganguly, who played the last test match of his career under Dhoni’s captaincy, revealed Dhoni’s heartwarming gesture towards him. He (Dhoni) just called me and said, so now you’re going to be the captain for the day!” Sourav then went on to applaud Dhoni’s leadership ability and how he remains unfazed even during challenging matches.

Sourav joined legendary cricketer and former BCCI Chairman of Selectors, Sandeep Patil on Sandeep’s upcoming show, ‘Taste Match’. In a candid conversation, Sourav and Sandeep discussed all things cricket and more. Sourav revealed that he began his cricketing journey as a left-handed player, even though he is right-handed. During his initial tryst with the sport, Sourav would play cricket using his brother, Snehasish’s gear, who was in fact a left-handed player and this stuck with him. In admiration of another legendary left-handed batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav said that he commends Sachin’s powerful left hand and his control over the game. An avid fan of cricket since childhood, Ganguly narrated an incident where he was starstruck upon meeting his idols, Ken Barrington and Tony Greig, as a kid.

Sandeep and Ganguly also discussed the latter’s on-field fiery temper and Ganguly cleared the air telling him that while he was perceived as an aggressive player, his temperament is quite different off-the field! Commenting on his performance on the field, Sourav confessed that he evolved significantly after his debut in 1996 against England. “I see a huge difference in the way I played back then, to now. I would say I have improved by over 70% and strengthened my ability in key areas such as consistency”

Sandeep Patil’s debut television show, ‘Taste Match’ will air on Living Foodz and &TV, April 8 onwards.